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Ace G. Pilkington
has published over one hundred poems, articles, reviews, and short stories in five countries and more than sixty publications.  He is an active member of the Science Fiction Writers of America, and his poetry has appeared, among many other places, in The Christian Science Monitor, America, Poetry Wales, and Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine. He is the author of  Screening Shakespeare from Richard II to Henry V, Cambridge University Press's Shakespeare and the Moving Image included his essay on Zeffirelli. Ace is a contributor to Robert Kahn's Movies: The Ultimate Insider's Guide and to Matthew Kapell's Star Trek As Myth. With Olga, he wrote the filmography for Michael Flachmann’s 2007 Shakespeare from Page to Stage. Ace and Olga edited and translated the stories in Fairy Tales of the Russians and Other Slavs. Ace is a regular contributor to the Utah Shakespearean Festival’s Insights and Midsummer Magazine, and some of his Shakespearean and historical essays are also available online at Bard.org. Ace G. Pilkington is Professor of English and History at Dixie State University and Literary Seminar director at the Utah Shakespearean Festival (See below for distinguished historian Thomas G. Alexander's comments on the Utah Shakespearean Festival.) He has also lectured widely on literature, history, and politics.  Most recently Ace and Olga have lectured together on International Shakespeare and also on The End of the Soviet Union and the Rise of the New Russia.  Ace’s play Our Lady Guenevere was first produced in 1997 in the Utah Shakespearean Festival's New Plays series.  He has an M.A in modern drama from Utah State University; an M.Litt. in English Renaissance drama from Middlebury College in Vermont; and a  D.Phil. in  Shakespeare, history, and film from Oxford University.

"Over the years, Fred Adams' festival has drawn lead actors from Broadway and the international stage, brilliant young performers from other theater companies, and students from colleges and universities. Patrons enjoy a full theatrical experience with backstage tours and most especially, the Ace and Jerry show--a series of seminars led by Ace Pilkington, a Shakespearean scholar from Dixie College, and Jerry Crawford, a professor of theater at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas" (397).

From Utah: The Right Place, Revised and Updated Edition. 

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Olga A. Pilkington
has published articles in Russia and the United States. Her Russian language publications appeared in the journals of Krasnoyarsk and Novosibirsk State Universities. Olga's English language publications include "Moonlight and Magnolias," "Art," "Merchant of Venice," and "Stones in his Pockets" in the Utah Shakespearean Festival's Midsummer Magazine and (with Ace Pilkington) “ Bernard Shaw vs. Candida,” “The Hamlet Question,” and “Folktales, Myths, and Amazons in A Midsummer Night’s Dream” in  Insights and in the Journal of the Wooden O Symposium “International Shakespeare and The Winter’s Tale,” and “Shakespeare and Nabokov.”  Also with Ace she wrote the filmography for Michael Flachmann's Shakespeare from Page to Stage.
Olga has taught English, Russian, and Chinese. She has studied at
Krasnoyarsk State University (Russia), Hei-he University (China), and she has a BA from Southern Utah University in English, Russian, and Chinese.  Olga holds a Master's degree in applied linguistics from the University of Massachusetts, Boston.

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